LiDAR Data Services

A Division of Geoshot Technologies

We offer state-of the-art and highly reliable GIS mapping

We offer photogrammetry, LiDAR and UAV data processing services for worldwide clients.


LiDAR Data Services (LDS) is a leading LiDAR data service provider to worldwide clients and is a division of GeoShot Technologies.

Our team have been involved in all types of LiDAR technologies and advanced LiDAR processes. LiDAR Data Services provide high resolution data deliverables at cost effective prices to its clients across the globe.

  • ♦ Airborne / Terrestrial LiDAR Processing
  • ♦ Bare Earth Extraction (DEM/DTM)
  • ♦ Advance classification such as Building
  • ♦ Vegetation, Bridges, Water etc (DSM)
  • ♦ Powerline classification & Vectorization
  • ♦ 3D Building Models
  • ♦ Breakline & Contour Generation
  • ♦ Breakline & Contour Generation
  • ♦ Orthophoto generation & Color Balancing
  • ♦ 3D-Feature Vectorization

We are capable to understand the requirements and processes for new projects quickly, ensuring faster starts to projects. Combined with our stringent quality checking process and the cost efficiency of outsourcing to India, give our clients the best level of beneficial edge to use our Lidar Data Services in a regular manner.


Point Cloud Classification

Bare Earth (Ground and Non Ground Classification)
Bare earth classification done by semi-automatic process then followed by quality check using global software. Bare Earth class is used for DEM generation.
Advanced Classification – (Bare Earth and above ground features – vegetation, buildings, bridges etc.)
Advanced Classification point clouds is done by semi-automatic and manual classification process using global software.

DEM & Contour Generation

DEM (Digital Elevation Model).
DEM files contain the elevation of the terrain over a specified area, usually at a fixed grid interval over the “Bare Earth”.
Contour Generation.
Contour map shows the elevation and slope of the ground surface by means of contour lines. Contour maps are the best way to visualize the slope of the terrain whether the terrain is flat or undulating. Contour map helps to finding out the depth of cutting and filling. It helps to identify the suitable site for any project.

3D City Modeling

♦ Using advanced classified LAS files or 3D laser scan data, LDS team generate required 3D model. We do 3D laser scan data processing for cultural heritage and landmark sites. Various details on everything from interior and exterior of the building is modeled using 3D laser scans.
♦ The main advantage of the 3D city model is its object modeling in diferenet Level of Details.
♦ 3D Geo-data management, which can be used for different application and analyses.
♦ A virtual 3D city model is very helpful for the better urban planning.